Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a near-atomic scale to produce new structures, materials and devices. The technology promises scientific advancement in many sectors such as medicine, consumer products, energy, materials and manufacturing

Variuos Nano synthesisations

There are several methods for creating nanoparticles, including coprecipitation, hydrothermal synthesis, inert gas condensation, ion sputtering scattering, microemulsion, microwave, pulse laser ablation, sol-gel, sono-chemical, spark discharge, and template synthesis. But Kadamba has developed our own unique way of green nano synthetic technology, called as “Green Nano Technology”

Green Nano Technology

Antioxidant plant-extracts can be used as reservoirs of electrons for the creation of nanoparticles is called as “Green Nano Technology”.

It creates tiny nano-scopic particles (10 -9 n-meters) encapsulated with cocktails of phytochemicals. It is the new age and advanced way of synthesizing modality of producing green nano particles

Advantages of green synthesis

  • The green synthetic routes are environment friendly, nontoxic, robust, and easy to manage.
  • Both physical and chemical approaches take a lot of energy and they use dangerous and highly health hazardous chemicals.
  • Green Nanotechnology eliminates toxic waste, reduce energy consumption.

Importance of Green Nano Technology

The world Health Organization (WHO) has forecast that over 85% of the global population will seek one or the other type of holistic approaches for health care needs. Therefore, there is an increased emphasis in developing future medical, hygiene and food products using holistic approaches. Plant based green nanotechnology processes are at the focal point of Green Nanotechnology discoveries from Kadamba R&D laboratories.

It has been estimated that over 85% of all future chemical, materials, drugs and pharmaceutical processes will utilize one or the other form of Green Nanotechnology in their production and formulation processes.

The economic impacts of Green Nanotechnology are huge because such nanomaterials embedded in a plethora of products with a wide spectrum of applications including medicine, hygiene, smart foods, automotive, alternate energy, tele-communications, environmental restoration, defence products.

Green Nano technological products within the health, hygiene and ‘Smart Food’ sectors will pave way for the next generation of holistic medicine, food and overall health care products.

Kadamba & its team of interdisciplinary scientists have created innovative Green Nanotechnology approaches for the development of health and hygiene products for global needs.

Several of these technologies are currently available for prospective investors and industrial corporations.

Science and Uses of Green Nanotechnology

As the nanotechnology revolution unfolds to unleash its power on our day to day lives, the environmental impacts of various nano technological production processes and finished products that are embedded with a wide spectrum of nanoparticles must be addressed right at the time of inception. Green Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary rapidly developing knowledge base at the interface of chemistry, physics, medical, engineering and biological fields. Green Nano technological processes and products will help the global corporate sectors because of their applications in the design of new products that are made from more eco-friendly materials including plants, crops, various phytochemicals and Phyto-constructs, using processes that use less energy and generate less waste throughout the product lifecycle.

There is spawning fundamental and mission-oriented research, in both academia and industry globally, toward applications of 100% ‘Green’ Nanotechnologies for the design and development of nanoparticles which in turn make their way into the design and development of ‘Smart Foods’, lifesaving nano- pharmaceuticals, and hygiene related applications.

The sound economic models for hefty profits for the industrial corporations and prospective investors and their ability to perpetuate future Green Nanotechnologies have created great niche for policy makers for future industrial and technological expansions.

Scope of technology

  • Food Technology
    Nano Nutraceuticals
    Functional food & beverages
    Beauty Nutrition
    Old age nutrition
    Child nutrition
    Sports Nutrition
    Medical dietary supplements
    Natural preservatives
  • Cosmetic and Skin Care
    Anti-aging products
    Skin care products
    Anti-Acne products
    Anti- Dandruff Products
    Hair care products
    Anti-bacterial shampoos & Soaps
    Rejuvenating Face Masks
  • Green pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
    Green anti-oxidants
    Solutions for Anti- Infectious diseases
    Cancer theragnostics
    Parasitic diseases
    Immunomodulatory activation
    Macrophage activation
    Ayurvedic Anti-biotics
    Ayush Ahaar
    Smart Anti-Oxidants
    Immuno-modulatory Solutions
    Ayush Beverages
    Many more…
    Hand Sanitizers
    Mouth wash
    Mouth spray
    Women care products
    Textile Disinfectant
    Air Disinfectants
    Floor cleaner
    Hospital Disinfectant
    Anti-bacterial Adhesives
    Medical textiles
    Sports Textiles
    Advanced Sanitary pads
    Anti-Bacterial Socks / Gloves
    Anti-Bacterial inner wears
    Smart & Green Pesticides
    Nano encapsulated Fertilizers
    Nano micro nutrients
    Nano growth promoters
  • Specialty of Kadamba Green Nano Technology

    Kadamba Technology Other Technologies
    100% Biocompatible nanoparticles Not bio compatible
    100% Natural Product Chemically synthesized
    100% Water-soluble Not soluble in water
    100% Non-Toxic Most of the Products are highly Toxic
    100% Carbon free production Emits toxic substances during production
    Scalability, No limitation Scalability to any extent yet to be proved
    Green antioxidant Almost all the antioxidants are chemical molecules
    100% Gluten Free Not mentioned

    Green Nano Particles