About Us

About Us

Kadamba is the global first company to embrace the highly sophisticated scientific concept of applying Green Nanotechnology. Associated with the University of Missouri & many globally recognised universities and research organisations across the globe.

Kadamba has embarked on the development of a new generation products using Green-nano technology coupled with the Indian traditional knowledge. Kadamba's formulations employ 100% green products/Applications by constituting natural core ingredients.

Green Nano technology ushers a paradigm advantage in many industries to improve the world in which we live without using any harmful chemicals. Our ongoing research and development efforts will generate future medical, hygiene and food products using natural and green technology approaches

Since, global trend within the biomedical sector is changing rapidly as the global population is becoming aware of the severe systemic toxic side effects of chemicals- based Allopathic medicines. Now there is an increased demand for natural and human- body compatible products.

Therefore, plant based green nanotechnology processes are at the focal point for various green discoveries in the world.
Kadamba is making it in reality.


Patented technology

All the technologies have been patented by University of Missouri-USA and Exclusively licensed for Kadamba.