Innovative green nanotechnology approach to produce nanoparticles adhering to strict Ayurvedic principles. Kadamba has coined a new term referred to as “Nano-Ayurvedic Medicine.” (Approved by the US Patents and Trademarks office) that can create a new generation medical modality in treatment protocols.

Kadamba employs 100% bio compatible nano particles which can be encapsulated with various phytochemical. We create tiny nano-scopec particles (10 -9 meters) and use them in health care and cosmetic products. This holistic modality of combination of green nano ingredients can rapidly increase the bio availability of the specific molecules which are being used in traditional ayurvedic system

As part of our continued quest to develop scientific rationale for Ayurvedic medicine, we have been performing cutting edge research for over three decades on the application of green nanotechnology to develop universally acceptable Ayurvedic formulations, with reliable curative effects in many chronic conditions.